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Published Date 27.10.2022

It’s an exciting time here at MSQ Partners – the global next generation creative and technology group. With the recent launch of MSQ Global Studios, MSQ are connecting creative, insights and technology to deliver a wide range of channel and culturally relevant content for brands and consumers.

MSQ Studios officially launched in Singapore and Shanghai in October 2022 identifying a gap in the way that 360 creative and digital production is concepted and delivered – with a little more flavor than the rest. While developing disruptive, award winning 360 creative, we aspire to ‘think inside the box’, identifying and leveraging a brand’s distinctive assets to tell powerful stories, building memory structures and promoting the brand over the category.

So, when Kimberly Clark came to us with the unique challenge to elevate Poise within the adult incontinence category, we embraced it. We saw it as an opportunity to showcase our Brand-Out Creative model whilst doing good for a consumer that needs a voice.

Affecting 1 in 3 women over the age of 35, adult incontinence is often a difficult subject to discuss. The Poise ask was to develop a campaign to encourage conversations around the taboo subject – to ‘start talking about what we aren’t talking about’. While driving awareness, the campaign also set out to promote consideration and trial, communicating superiority against other liners and period pads.

Our ‘conversion first’, full funnel approach brought insights, creative and best-in-class digital storytelling. By ‘thinking inside the box’ we leveraged Poise brand assets with a playful tone of voice to inspire conversations. Assets created included: 15 second master video, 6 second cut downs, digital OOH and banner ads.

Executed with excellence while employing best-in-class principles for each platform, the campaign set records for ROI and effectiveness for KC Australia. To be recognized at this level by the Global Content Awards would be amazing for our newly formed team and celebrates our relationship with the Poise team, who have been supportive of our approach and collaborative from day one.

However, all that being said, the truth is success is not only measured in accolades and results, it’s measured in doing something you’re proud of. And this truth has been our experience with Kimberly Clark, creating a platform for women who experience adult incontinence and provide them an opportunity to start an important conversation.

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