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Making the Finals for Global Content Awards

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Published Date 31.10.2022

Growth Skills has been on a roll and just won two amazing SEO awards.

  • U.S Search Awards
  • Search Engine Land Landy Awards

We are honoured to also make the finals for the Global Content Awards . Winning this award would mean the world to us because the team worked incredibly hard on Flavor Fix. Winning this award shows why a focus on Content Marketing really matters and can have a huge business impact.

Building an Award Winning ROI Positive Publishing Brand

The work we submitted to the Global Content Awards is a case study on how to build a ROI positive publishing platform using SEO & Content Marketing. Growth Skills needed a way to help cannabis, CBD and alcohol brands reach their audiences. Brands in these industries face lots of advertising regulations so it is very hard to reach these customers using Google, Instagram and Facebook ads.

Our solution was to build our own publishing platform called to help brands reach the cannabis, CBD and alcohol consumers. We used our SEO & Content Marketing  methodology to research, write and optimize articles so these searchers can find us organically on Google. We tailored our publications to specifically engage our intended audience, producing delicious edible recipes, educational industry interviews, fun cocktail guides, informative strain profiles, and handy dosage calculators. We then used Email Marketing to convert the traffic into a growing database of cannabis, CBD and alcohol consumers. 

Our Results blew away the goals we set for the project.

  • New Business & Revenue
  • $523,450 in new revenue
  • $2+ million in new biz sales leads 
  • Google Search Impressions (First year):
  • 20+ million
  • Google Search Impressions (Monthly):
  • 4.5+ million
  • New Unique Visitors (Monthly):
  • 72,843+
  • Pageviews (Monthly):
  • 119,452+
  • Keyword Growth: 
  • 18,386+ keywords (US) 
  • 26,117+ keywords (global)
  • Email Subscribers: 
  • 3,000+ (200 new signs ups a week)
  • Email Click Thru Rate:
  • 20%+

 With Flavor Fix we were able to target an audience ( people who like cannabis, CBD and alcohol) and use content to solve their needs. This led to incredible site traffic and engagement because people found our content when they searched, used it and kept coming back. Some even sign up to the site using different lead forms because they really love and want the content we are producing. The Flavor Fix email list averages 200 new sign ups a week. As cannabis and CBD becomes legal in more States we know we have the opportunity to expand what Flavor Fix does and create new things to help the audience which will lead to additional revenue streams for the business. 

Launching Urban Income

Growth Skills has been so successful with Flavor Fix. We are launching Urban Income to help minorities & underserved communities improve their finances

Why is this important?

  • Blacks and Hispanics have the highest poverty rates in the United States.
  • Full-time working women earn 18% less than men.
  • 43% of Black workers earn less than thirty-thousand dollars per year in jobs that will be disrupted by 2030.

We look forward to submitting this to the Global Content Awards as well because we will be using SEO & Content Marketing to make a difference in peoples lives. 

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