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Double Global Content Award Nomination for Reboot Online

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Published Date 19.09.2023

We are thrilled to have clinched two coveted spots on the 2023 Global Content Awards shortlist. Our sights are set on taking home the titles for Global Finance Content Campaign of the Year and Global Low Budget Content Campaign of the Year.

About Reboot Online

Built on a bedrock of technical SEO, SEO company Reboot Online has been a trailblazer in the digital marketing space since its inception in 2015. Our technical roots have empowered us to fine-tune our processes and lead the way for competitors, best reflected in our trademark: experimentation. 

Our SEO experiments, which challenge industry norms, thoughts and opinions (87,754 and counting), have garnered recognition from the industry’s heavyweights.

Over 700 SEOs have referred to our research, which includes comparing AI-generated content to human-written content and scrutinising Google’s treatment of 404 and 410 URLs, propelling us ahead of the pack and establishing us as thought leaders in an ever-changing sector. 

Today, we are a dynamic team of over 75 talented individuals, each with diverse backgrounds and skills. Our teams collaborate to provide cutting-edge SEO and digital PR services. We also offer services such as social media marketing and paid media advertising, meaning there is no area of business where we can’t deliver unbeatable results. 

At Reboot Online, staying ahead of the curve is our way of life.

Our Nominated Work

Our partnership with RVU exemplifies our award-nominated work for the Global Finance Content Campaign of the Year.

A Killer Strategy

The Reboot & RVU – Savings Report called for a killer strategy to reach our target audience of journalists and consumers. 

We set about creating content that is a magnet for organic pickup, appealing to journalists and solidifying our client as a thought leader, winning SERP features that typically appeal to consumers and attract qualified leads. 

To achieve this, our SEO and content teams worked in tandem to examine the keyword landscapes, analyse the SERP environment, and scrutinise competitor tactics. 

The Power of Collaboration

As the strategy developed, it passed through Digital PR (DPR), Data, and Graphics teams, showcasing the thread of teamwork that ties Reboot Online together. Collectively, this multidisciplinary team embarked on a creative journey to ideate innovative campaign concepts, curate primary datasets, and design data representations that authentically reflect our client’s brand.

Innovation at its Core

In pursuit of our primary goals, we devised a brand-new content-led link-building service utilising the expertise of five departments: SEO, Content, DPR, Data and Graphic Design, known as the Hyper Relevancy team. 

Since we launched this partnership with RVU, we have continued to evolve and expand our hyper-relevancy service across brands, successfully upselling to existing and new clients. 

Not only did this bolster our collaboration efforts, but it also gave us space to do what we do best: experiment and evolve. 

A Journey of Experimentation

Over a 12-month partnership with RVU, we continuously experimented to refine our strategies. The experimentation involved testing different meta titles and descriptions to boost click-through rates (CTR), adapting content structures for SERP feature optimisation, experimenting with graphic concepts, and exploring content length preferences. 


These experiments were more than just trials; they were building blocks of our continuous improvement. From this, we witnessed a significant positive impact on our results. 

This has allowed us to offer RVU and other clients the best expertise on the market for this kind of content, with some of the results of our RVU partnership below:

  • 834 keywords ranking overall
  • 82 featured snippets 
  • 263 backlinks (125 do-follow)
  • 169 referring domains
  • 546,796 impressions across pages

For the Global Low Budget Content Campaign of the Year award nomination, we worked with Brainworks Neurotherapy to increase local visibility with content campaigns.

Driving SEO 

Our journey to this nomination started with a robust SEO strategy. Our strategy involved auditing to identify issues and opportunities, on-site content optimisation, and off-site content marketing to earn top-tier backlinks.

In the face of budget constraints and the need to distribute efforts across multiple teams, our DPR team rose to the challenge. The team crafted two micro-campaigns and three reactive campaigns during the project, showcasing their resourcefulness and agility. 

Data-Driven Stories

We developed data-driven stories spanning diverse but relevant areas, including sleep, stress, the effects of alcohol, concentration and relaxation. Our data team delved deep into these areas to unearth unique insights that audiences would find informative yet highly engaging. 

Over 2,000 journalists spanning health, wellness, and lifestyle verticals received our press releases. Our commitment to relevance shone through as we tailored our outreach efforts for each sector, adapting press releases and segmenting our outreach to ensure maximum relevance. 

Client Hitlist for Precise Outreach

Using Ahrefs, we developed a client hitlist for targeted outreach and securing high-quality backlinks. By analysing our competitors, we identified websites with domain ratings of 30-plus that hosted relevant and valuable backlinks, informing our outreach strategy and ensuring our efforts were precise and effective. 

This precise approach also enabled us to contact super niche sites highly relevant to our client’s industry to guarantee comprehensive coverage.


The success of the work we carried out for Brainworks Neurotherapy is reflected in the results, highlights of which include:

  • 19 SEO issues and/or opportunities identified
  • 31 links earned with an Ahrefs domain rating (DR) of 65
  • Rankings improvements across the clients’ highest-priority commercial keywords, e.g. from 26 to 2 for the keyword ‘Neurofeedback specialist’

Team Testimonials

Victoria Affleck, Head of Content

“As Head of Content at Reboot, our Savings Report’s Best Global Finance Content Campaign of the Year nomination recognises our team’s dedication and expertise. Our multidisciplinary team, driven by excellence, consistently creates high-ranking content that naturally attracts hundreds of valuable hyper-relevant backlinks.

“This nomination underscores our industry knowledge and commitment to delivering top-tier content strategies, blending research and creative innovation to position our clients as SERP leaders. It reaffirms our dedication and ability to empower clients with industry-leading content strategies.”

Sean Rainforth, Content Marketing Lead

“It’s a collaboration involving meticulous planning by the SEO team, excellent data science input, the curation of creative visuals, and the sheer doggedness of our fantastic DPR squad. The result is a comprehensive UK savings statistics report peppered with links to service pages that help consumers make better financial decisions and better safeguard themselves for the future.”

Bethany Surridge, Senior Digital PR Manager

“For Brainworks Neurotherapy, we aimed to create newsworthy content to build an authoritative backlink profile, and with innovative strategies and different types of content— we met the contract KPI set for the client within the first quarter.

“Our collaboration produced original campaign ideas, matched with informative and authoritative input from Brainworks that helped us elevate our outreach. Managing these campaigns has been a rewarding experience, and I’m thrilled to see the team’s hard work recognised.”

Courtney Cole, Digital PR Manager

“Operating on a limited budget, we orchestrated impactful DPR campaigns harnessing Brainworks Neurotherapy’s expertise in health, wellness, and clinical research. Our collaboration led to brand features in hyper-relevant publications like Psych Reg and well-established nationals like The Sun. 

“Our Global Low Budget Content Campaign of the Year nomination reaffirms the power of budget-conscious Digital PR strategies, providing results with limited resources.”

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